West Coast Warehousing

Our northern California affiliate, Western Wine Services, is home to over 150 wineries that require distribution or bottle-aging services. Located at the foot of the Napa Valley, our facilities span over 1 million square feet and are conveniently located close to the Bay Area's ports and intermodal stations. We are also an ideal storage and shipping point for importers of all sizes. Some of our importers service the entire country, including their East Coast wholesalers, from Western Wine Services' facilities.

Our seven ultra-modern warehouses, built to our specs and entirely temperature-controlled, feature BATF Bonded and U.S. Customs Bonded space. We provide consolidation services, with service options of over-the-road truck, Stacktrain, piggyback or railcar. Our facilities utilize the proven control systems developed by our East Coast operation, helping to establish Western Wine Services as the most comprehensive alcoholic beverage logistics company in northern California.

Other Services: